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Glamour Shots or modern magazine-style portraits are fun and empowering, boosting self-confidence. High-quality images serve as lasting reminders of moments when you feel beautiful and confident, providing a tangible boost to your self-image. This photoshoot is perfect for everyday women, like moms or grandmas, who are ready to see themselves from a different perspective.

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at any ages

a perfect way to celebrate you


Together, we will plan everything from what to wear, pricing, how to prep. Also a perfect time to answer all your questions. Zoom meeting or studio meeting is a must. 


Feeling awkward when it comes to photoshoot you said? That's why I'm here for you. I'll be guiding you on how to pose & how to smile. Rest assured, I'll be there every step of the way. 


You read it right! I'll have a makeup artist waiting for you so you will be pampered and feel special on the day of the photoshoot. As for men, NO MAKEUP NEEDED! :)


Right after the photoshoot, we will go over your gorgeous portraits & from there you will then decide which portraits & package or wall arts you are going to  purchase. 

P.S. you are going to love them all!

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