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for men & women who dread getting their pictures done, I'm here for you...


Born and raised in the Philippines, studio photographer Gigi moved to Visalia 13 years ago and started a photography business in 2016. After completing two semesters of online photography classes from Santa Barbara Community College, she decided to put her focus on business and marketing. While Gigi loves taking pictures of practically anything, her real fascination is taking photographs of people and pets. Specializing in modern magazine-style photo shoots with a timeless and classic approach, she loves capturing the beauty of everyday men and women in photographs. Gigi isn’t just a photographer and she captures more than photographs. Celebrating curves, age, and even scars, Gigi invites clients to join her in a life-changing journey of self-discovery: You are more beautiful than you realize! Clients have described their experiences with Gigi: “She captures the soul of her clients—the inner beauty that even they may not know that they have.” “The special place she creates for her clients to make them feel like the most important person in the world is the highlight of the experience.” Gigi creates experiences where men & women feel beautiful and valued. She makes sure to get to know her clients on a deeper level so that she can bring out their personality in photographs. Gigi makes it her mission to invite men and women—no matter what shape, size, race or age—to exist in portraits and to see their own unique beauty through the legacy of portraits."

What clients are saying during their portrait sessions...

Gigi Kraus-Visalia-studio-heashots-photo

Gigi was awesome to work with and was able to squeeze me in for some last minute headshots that I needed. She is a little bit on the pricey side but I think her work is worth it. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and works to get the perfect shot. I am super happy with how my headshots came out.

Gigi Kraus-Visalia-Pet-Photographer (1 o

Jessica Lawrence

I have a habit of purchasing photo sessions in auctions, and much to my surprise this one was a winner! This was very out of my comfort zone, but it was a great experience overall. The gal she had for hair and makeup was very easy to work with. We tried different outfits and poses to make sure we had the right photo. Her daughter even came to help since I brought my German Shepherd as well!! Great overall experience!


Leslie Lee

Gigi is the whole package. Not only is she kind, attentive and makes the client completely comfortable, not she is one genius photographer. She captures the soul of her clients- their inner beauty that even they may not know they have. The whole experience is absolutely wonderful and something I would gladly do again. In fact, I already have my next session scheduled!


As the husband of a beautiful women I am ecstatic to be able to hang the photos we have received around our house. Thank you very much for such great photos of my wife! Thank you GIgi


Gigi has photographed my kids twice. Each session, she captured them perfectly. After several conversations about doing a session for me, I agreed. The whole experience was amazing! From the hair and makeup, to the session and then the reveal. Gigi captured me in a way that I have never been able to see myself. Thank you Gigi for this uplifting experience ❤️

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

-Joseph Nguyen

It took me so long to decide to have my portraits taken. Gigi made the whole experience so comfortable and relaxing naturally. The pictures turned out much better and beyond my expectation. So happy that called her and made memorable pictures for myself and my children. Already planning to bring my kids back to have family portraits.


I had an amazing experience with Gigi!! The entire time I was there I felt so special. From makeup to hair to trying on different outfits was so much fun. She is the perfect leader when it comes to guiding you to make sure those photos express who you are.  Your heart your soul, it all shines right through and Gigi makes that happen. Until next time GiGi! I cant wait.

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

This was one of the best experiences ever for photos ! I of course, do not like taking my photo and I was extremely nervous! Gigi was hospitable, caring, curious, open, welcoming, and the best photographer I’ve ever encountered! Makeup artist was amazing too! The entire process brought comfort and joy. I even became emotional several moments, not sure if it was noticed but I was truly grateful for the opportunity of the experience! Gigi brought up the greatest point, what was being captured was not only a photo but a moment in my life that spelled out how far I have come, who I am right now and what my bond with my son truly means. I will cherish these photos for my professional life, for my mom role, and forever! May they be one of many experiences with Gigi for my future! I recommend her highly to everyone for any occasion or situation! I came in needing one photo for my professional portfolio and fell in love with the process and with every piece of art that was made! Thanks so much Gigi!!!!

Gigi Kraus-Visalia-Portrait-Photographer

I’ve known Gigi since I was 17 and she was barely starting out. Yet, I immediately felt comfortable and safe around her presence. Her attention to detail both in photography and comfortability speaks volumes in her character.

In our first session for my debut (18th birthday), she was extremely open to new ideas and was willing to be flexible with the location we were shooting at. It was definitely humid and warm (since we took photos in Summer) but she was extremely patient with my family and I. This was five years ago.

In our recent boudoir (coming of age/adulthood) shoot, she immediately asked what I was comfortable with and what I wasn’t. I LOVED her integrity and willingness to ensure her clients are at ease and supported for their ideas. She was extremely excited when I gave her the Miss Universe 2018 ideas and the concept of the flirty and fun vibes. Ariel was amazing as my makeup artist. She made me feel beautiful and understood the interpretation of makeup I was aiming for, despite the fact I didn’t have a fully clear vision. As for the actual shoot, she was fun, engaging and was willing to crawl on the floor with me as I posed.

Overall, Gigi is the type of person that was willing to show both your inner and outer beauty. She accepts the flaws of a person yet displays the importance of feeling yourself at all times. She will definitely be the person to go to for all of my special occasions.

-Selena Pama

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

I don’t even know where to start with this review. I spent the last two years trying to find a female photographer that would make me feel as comfortable as possible due to the nature of the photos I wanted. I wanted to do something special for my significant other and was coming to the conclusion that I would not be able to find a local photographer to meet my needs. I came across Gigi’s website and immediately called her. From the moment she answered the phone, I knew she was the one. She was so comforting and had the most outgoing personality, similar to mine. She invited me in for a consultation and asked me two important questions, what are you looking for in a photographer and what are you looking for in your photos... I came with pictures of ideas that I wanted for my photos and Gigi was as excited as I was for what was to come. She added her recommendations followed by a great, personal conversation and set the date for my actual photo shoot. I was so nervous but she interacted with me every so often up until my photo shoot date with encouraging words. The morning of my photo shoot was incredible. Gigi, her female make up artist and female assistant was so welcoming and inviting. We sat there while I was getting dolled up, had coffee and talked about everything under the sun! It was like a morning coffee date with my friends!! My make up was on point... I can’t even explain how spot on she was with the vision I had for my make up and hair. During the photo shoot Gigi made me feel unbelievably comfortable. It was the most fun I’d ever had getting my pictures taken! She had so many fun and creative ideas. She even did several pictures where my hair was “blowing in the wind”. A week later she had my photos ready for reveal. The pictures were so good that I sat there for an hour indecisive, because they were all THAT GOOD!! I honestly feel that I have developed a friendship for life with Gigi. She is a blessing in disguise and truly wants to give every woman the confidence she deserves to have and show you just how lovely you are, despite how you might feel about yourself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Gigi!

Gigi Kraus-near-me-bes- photographer-vis

"The portraits Gigi took of my mom and me came out wonderful. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The photo session was professional and lots of fun. Thank you Gigi for help capturing these great memories." 

Gigi Kraus-near-me-bes- photographer-vis

​"Gigi offers a portrait session experience that leaves you feeling confident and pampered. Our portraits reflected the comfortable, happy environment she provided. When we saw the final product we were very pleased and decided to purchase several portraits as gifts for family members. Highly recommend Gigi’s services!"

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

-Liz Escobar

Gigi is an exceptional professional photographer. Gigi is friendly, sweet, humble and has no problem in making your photo experience amazing. My son and I feel very comfortable. Looking forward to our next project in the summer. Higher recommend!!


Portraits with Gigi turned out so beautiful! Gigi was patient with me as she directed me and guided me for poses. She was encouraging and kind, making the entire experience very comfortable. I have received nothing but compliments for the pictures I will truly cherish forever. My daughter already “claimed” a print to hang in her room.

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

I hate pictures and I never like the process...but absolutely fell in love with Gigi and makeup artist Ariel both are very nice and professional. They made me feel comfortable and beautiful. The pictures came out stunning and fast. We definitely will take pictures again soon .

-Vickie Johnson

Gigi Kraus-Visalia-Portrait-Photographer

Gigi is so so amazing I don’t even know where to start, from the quality of her work, to the kindness of her heart, to boosting myself confidence because of how amazing my pictures came out!! Thank you so so so much Gigi! I recommend going with Gigi😋 the best photographer out there!!🤩


Gigi was wonderful, she made me so comfortable with the experience eventhough I was so nervous. I never have been a picture person, she has made me a picture person. Her work is amazing. Thank you Gigi.


Gigi offers excellent customer service. I love her attitude and enthusiasm for her work; it indeed shows her passion. I enjoyed my photo session and her flexibility. I highly recommend her services. I am incredibly content with the final professional portraits.


-Efriam Ortiz

Gigi has an outgoing friendly demeanor that expresses fun when she takes the photos of her clients. She make you so relax to become excited to take your portriat and feel happy with the results.

Gigi Kraus-studio-portrait-family-photog

-Debora Moore

Gigi was great to work with...from helping to pick out clothes, hair and a makeover, to making me feel so comfortable having my photos taken. She and Ariel (makeup artist) made me feel beautiful. Gigi is so fun and her work is top notch and professional.

Krystal pena

-Krystal Rodriquez

Gigi is bubbly and fun! She makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you meet her. She truly loves what she does and it shows in all that she creates! I highly recommend her services!

Diana jasso

​"Gigi is exceptionally talented! I was originally dreading a photo shoot (as I am not photogenic & not secure in my looks), but went as my mom really wanted generational pictures along with my grandma. Gigi celebrates every person & makes you feel beautiful. The entire experience was one I will never forget! The photos tap into the Love we have for each other. I will always cherish them!" -Diana J.

gigi kraus photography

-Ernestina Quezada

Gigi is an exceptional professional photographer. Meeting Gigi for the first time was like catching up with a long time friend. Gigi is friendly, sweet, humble and has no problem in making your photo experience amazing. Through Gigi’s work I am able to value my accomplishments as a mother, a professional and a wife. Gigi captured a beautiful new season in my life, getting licensed, new job, new friends and two teenage boys 🙏🏻which I am very grateful for. Thank you Gigi for your passion in photography! #100%satisfied

gigi kraus-headshots-visalia-corporate-

Norma Verduzco

We had the pleasure of working with Gigi this past December...and it was an amazing experience for my family & I.
She speaks about creating memories and it truly is...the entire experience has gone in the top 10 for us!

Recovery credit repair

Gigi did an amazing job with our Corporate Head shots! Along with our Head shots, Gigi made my team look and feel beautiful. Our Photos came out amazing. Gigi has a true eye for enhancing natural beauty.

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