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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

"I read one that perfection is the highest form of self abuse; however, I believe that we are perfectly unique. I see beauty in everything and everyone that I encounter." -Makeba


Have you ever struggled with the idea of conventional beauty?

Honestly, I thought far skin and light eyes were considered most beautiful. I never received brown dolls as a little girl. I was conditioned to hate myself due to the constant reminder that I was too dark to be considered attractive.

Tell me your story!

Unfortunately, my mother passed when I was an infant due to an inoperable brain tumor. I have only one picture of her that I hold close to my heart. I look exactly like her! What I'm ultimately trying to say is that people have told me that I'm beautiful inside and out. It was difficult for me to believe because of the way I've been treated. Through all of that, I've received a formal education. I have a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from FPU and am currently enrolling in the Forensic Psychology Program in Bakersfield. It has been a long, hard road; however, I have been strengthened by it.

Learning about beauty from a young age... I was raised in a town that was predominantly Caucasian. I attended Catholic school from Kindergarten until 8th grade. I was bullied and teased because of my skin. "Burnt toast" and "Raisin" were my bully's favorites. I completely stopped talking especially in class because I loathed the attention. All attention that I received was negative because of the way I was born. My teacher called my father and told him that I was mentally challenged. What she didn't know is that I was reading books at age 2.

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