THIS IS ME CAMPAIGN FIRST STARTED around July 2019 and it is going strong. The main purpose of the campaign is to encourage and empower women who are in the age range of 30's, '40s to 60's by creating beautiful and powerful portraits showcasing their own unique beauty and strength. That no matter what their age, color, or body size to help remind them how incredible and extraordinary they are. 

What I love about doing this campaign is that these women have gone through so much in life and yet where they are now, they are fully loving and embracing in their journey. They are stronger than ever been and by sharing their story through this campaign, hopefully we can change, give hope to someone's life and make a positive impact to women who can use some positive encouragement. Each and every one of us have a beautiful and unique story that needs to be told and shared.

Each woman who are selected for the project gets to experience her own Magazine-style portrait session and be finally SEEN by her own self. Because it always started with YOU first. 



  • Gigi

Precious Memories of Benét

This is Jacquelyn here. She was 27 weeks pregnant at the time I photographed her. She brought her fiancé & her mom, who was not feeling well, because she wanted to celebrate and cherish this moment. We had such a great time together while doing her maternity photos. I love how this soon-to-be momma specifically wanted a studio shoot because of its timeless & classic look. Nine days after her shoot, I sent Jackie a message saying how excited I was for her reveal session. But I got a message from her saying that the baby passed away due to some complications.

I was surprised, shocked and devastated. In my mind, I asked, How can it be? How is this happening? They are supposed to see their beautiful maternity portraits and now the baby is gone. Benét was supposed to see these photographs while she was in her mommy’s tummy when she was big enough. She’s supposed to see all these photographs of her mom and dad so happy together.

Today, Jacquelyn would have been around 34 weeks pushing so close to Benét’s arrival.

Benét means blessing in French.